The Citizen Garment

The future urban spaces will be inhabited by citicens occupied in horticulture – people will grow tomatoes, cucumbers and other garden crops on their rooftops, they will be planting flowers and trees. The garments they wear are comfortable, elegant and sustainable. The garments are equipped with a replaceable origami apron made of biodegradable rice paper. When returning from gardening works the future citizens can simply remove the apron from the costume, looking tidy and chic as they commute in the urban environment. In their mouths they wear a lolly-pop with antiseptical properties which protects them from viruses. To reduce consuption of fast fashion every citizen will be provided with the Citizen Garment as a basic outfit for daily wear. The undergarments worn beneath the basic outfit can vary – short or long sleeved shirts and stockings in accordance with personal stylistic preferences of the wearer. The future citizens will take full responsibility for their inner and outer climate – as they sow, so shall they reap.


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