All the wonders of our modern society, from chewing gum to space shutters, are available to us thanks to the fossil fuels formed in Earth’s crust during millions of years. This nourishing carbon diet has been the key factor in the developement of Homo Sapiens – he become the ruler of the planet, a monocultural spieces with very little natural reproductive limitations. He mines the resources from the ground, uses them to produce garments, and what ever is left over from this process he buries back into the ground. Homo Sapiens is not a rational being. From a cosmical perspective we’re so insignificant on our tiny planet that it might seem as our habits and choices have very little effect on the bigger picture. Still even the tiniest microorganisms play a part in sustaining balance in galactical ecosystems. If the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil can trigger a strain of athmospheric events leading to tornado in Texas, would it then be possible for a butterfly to prevent the storm?


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